Deep and Shallow Well Drilling Services
South Carolina

Are you out of water!? Here's some things to try.

1. Check the breaker in the breaker panel (remember that sometimes a breaker could be in an outside subpanel near the meter, especially for mobile homes). A tripped breaker will be in the middle between off and on, turn it off and then on. If it trips again or doesn't work Call JODY ANDERSON @ 843-810-4045... I may be in the area already. Sometimes people wait to call during normal business hours, but it's best to call right away. (Unless it's 2am then wait till 5am or so LoL) Texting your Info and pictures of well system is the fastest way for me to begin scheduling your call. Also, turn off your hot water heater to prevent damage from lack of water flowing through it. If you’re not sure how to do this, consult your owners manual or call the plumber who installed it.

2. If you didn't find the breaker was tripped, go ahead and turn the breaker off for 5 minutes, then back on. This is mainly for constant pressure systems, but it works on a traditional pressure system in some cases. If the water didn't come back on, go ahead and flip breaker back off.(unless you have a constant pressure system, see 3)

3. If you have a constant pressure system, see what the display on the panel is showing. Some systems have a series of flashes that show what the problem is. If possible have these available before calling.

I can usually get there and get it fixed the same day you call, but on occasion we will have to put on a First call, first serve list. If we are unavailable, we will refer you to another contractor that has previously had good relations with our clients. We service Charleston County and some of Dorchester County and a little of Berkeley County (closer to Charleston side). Unfortunately we do not serve Colleton County, Jasper, or Georgetown Counties...Our goal is to get you back in water as fast as possible, and continue to build our reputation as a trusted service company.

Some people like to try and fix it themselves, and it is nice to save money! Consider that you generally do not have access to true quality water system parts...hardware and big box retailers rarely carry the quality parts that we stock, and over the years I have seen this cost people more money. A good percent of the time there is something else that caused the problem, i.e. the pressure tank is waterlogged or there's a leak somewhere. I have even seen “dirty power” from the power company cause motor failures (and forced the power company to pay for it). Sometimes people think it's the submersible pump/motor, and try to pull it out, DON'T DO THAT. Some wells have 300 or 400 foot of pipe (full of water) and need special equipment to pull it out, or small parts can fall in well and wedge between pump and casing and make it nearly impossible to remove the pump, and could also damage the well to the point that complete well replacement is necessary...

What's this going to cost me? A service call is $150. This gets everything checked out and a diagnosis of the problem. A simple repair (capacitor or switch) and recharging the pressure tank is usually around $225.00.

Pumps and tanks may get expensive, but I can always give you an estimate upfront and I am willing to take credit cards if need be.

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Reverse Osmosis Treatment Systems

Our Reverse Osmosis systems are all custom built for more reliability. We also install systems that irrigate the yard!

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Dewatering Systems

No job is too big. Want to dry the hole down to 70 ft. and only use one pump? Need high volumes pumped? No problem. If you're an engineer or construction company that needs dewatering services, give us a call.

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Geothermal Systems

We are now certified to install Direct Exchange Geothermal. This newer technology allows for cleaner, less invasive, longer lasting installs. Save money with a Geothermal system by JP Anderson Well & Pump.

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Water Well and Pump Repairs

We are a full-service water well and pump repair company. We do well restoration related to rusted casings, stuck well pumps, failing production of existing wells and more.

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For quality water well products and services, just contact JP Anderson Well & Pump. We serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Ravenel, Wadmalaw, Edisto, and surrounding areas of South Carolina.

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