Yes, we hear that a lot.  Everyone would like us to “Swear on our Grandfather’s Grave” that we will get them more water than they can ever use.  This would be wonderful if we could always achieve it, but there are many times where it is just not possible to get lots of quantity or very good quality.  Sometimes you get just a plain dry hole!  The only option is to keep drilling and get whatever water is down there, even if it costs more.  Sometimes this isn’t an option due to logistics and quality demands.

Every situation is a little different.  That is why it is best to call us and we will do an on-site survey.  We try to explain everything verbally, but we have it all in a written contract.  I do not like to have confrontations or disputes, therefore I go to great lengths to be understood.  If you have doubts about the risks you are taking in drilling a well, please do not undertake it.  Any driller that “guarantees” water, is either a darn fool or just plain ignorant.  Either choice is not good.

I recently had a customer call and ask what my dry hole charge was.  This is sort of an odd question to start an inquiry with, but I told him our fees, after asking which area he needed the well to be drilled.  He went on to explain that a “professional” driller had come to attempt a well in his yard, and when he couldn’t fit the rig in his back yard, told him he would “drill” in the front and see if there was even water there.  He claimed to get a dry hole.  He wouldn’t tell him any information about how deep he went.  The owner’s wife described how he “drilled”, and it fit the description for a washed down well (jetted point).  He charged a “dry” hole fee.  The owner contracted with us, after we prepared him to pay our dry hole fee, if we could not find water.

Our Rig fit in a 6' garage and out the back to drill in the back yard

We drilled a well in his backyard, after getting that rig in the back yard with relative ease.  We drilled down 22 ft and hit what is locally known as “hard pan”.  This is a hard layer that is nearly impossible to jet through with just a pipe and pressure.  It takes a hydraulic powered rig!  We drilled down 50 ft. and hit limestone at 35 ft.  That was one of the best wells I have ever drilled in this area due to this layer of limestone.  So much for a dry hole.  Turns out my competitor has a cheaper price on his “dry” holes.  Now we know why!  For all of my competitors, we would love to have you as clients as well.  Why not use us to drill the well, when you cannot fit your equipment.  Everyone benefits, if we could all just get along 🙂

That customer was impressed!  We hope that you are too…

Thanks for reading

Jody Anderson

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