We get asked all the time why we have an old fashioned pitcher pump on the side of our truck.  All I say is that it is “a good looking diagnostic tool”.

We get calls almost every week where someone says, ” I have worked on this well and even replaced the pump, and I think the well has gone dry!” .  We try to put their mind at ease and not to jump to too many conclusions until that diagnosis can be verified.

Our company policy is to send a technician out with a positive displacement pump that will verify the condition of the well.  In other words, we find the shallow well and dig around the well head and install a old fashioned hand pump (pitcher pump) and verify if the well is producing water.  We do charge a full diagnostic fee plus any labor to dig the well up (which can be time consuming), but once it is verified that the well is really dry, we will apply that fee towards the new well.  We are happy to quote a price based on the area and the projected depth we will be drilling.

If it turns out that the well is not dry, but rather some pump performance problem is the issue, we will charge the service diagnostic fee and labor.  Once you approve any further repairs that may be needed, the cost of making a repair rather than just drilling a new well, will save you a lot of money.  We love to see someone save money rather than spending it on something they didn’t need anyway.  Either way, if you use our company, you will know your cost before you hire us…no hidden fees.  We are capable of doing onsite written estimates BEFORE we perform any testing to your system.

After you have seen our truck with the fancy pitcher pumps, you will most likely smile when you see us on the road, knowing that we are headed to save someone some money!


Jody Anderson/owner