Ever have a bad situation get worse? It happens…the water goes out due to a well or pumping issue and you call a well guy, but he doesn’t show up. You’ve waited two days and finally you call someone else. That someone else happens to be us…we promptly jump into action and get water back… Read More

Recently a great pump company, Grundfos, did an amazing thing!  They lowered the price on all their 3″ SQ Line of pumps.  This will give us the opportunity to install a pump that has built in voltage protection and shut down features that other pumps in the same price bracket do not have…we have always… Read More

We just finished up an install off Clements Ferry Rd for a Deep Well/ Reverse Osmosis Package For High Sulphur Content.  The system is operating under temporary power until home is finished, but once this water is in the home, these folks will be happy!… Read More

Our company designs Custom Built Reverse Osmosis Water Well Treatment Systems for many different applications, including the system pictured below for a house on Goat Island.  Goat Island is just across from the Isle of Palms but must be accessed by boat.  We bring our equipment to the end of a dock and get picked… Read More

We are a full-service Water Well and Pump Repair company. We specialize in: Water Wells for Irrigation or Residential Potable Use Water Treatment/Reverse Osmosis Off Grid Living Water Systems Geothermal Systems Cathodic Corrosion Protection Dewatering Systems Low flow irrigation VIDEO: Deep Well being developed using air surge method… Read More