Drilling a Commercial Well requires special grouting requirements, water testing, and engineered plans…it really isn’t that much different than a residential well.  We centralize our casing to get a more uniform grout.  We widen the hole to achieve a 2″ annulus between the earth and casing…this ensures a complete and unpenitrable grout.  We grout to… Read More

We service all types of water wells in Charleston, SC.  Downtown Charleston, James Island, West Ashley and parts of Johns Island are all within City Limits, and we are happy to service these areas.    2016-business-license-well-drilling-charleston-sc… Read More

We will be displaying all of our business licenses for the areas we work.  This will be where we display them, instead of the wall of our shop, (where no one but the spiders can see them)…    2016-business-license-well-drilling-Meggett-SC… Read More

We get calls all the time to clean out old casings that may have been drilled many years ago, but still have a lot of life in them. We did that this week for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. They have a dozen or more observation wells, some of which had not been… Read More