We are a full-service Water Well and Pump Repair company. We specialize in: Water Wells for Irrigation or Residential Potable Use Water Treatment/Reverse Osmosis Off Grid Living Water Systems Geothermal Systems Cathodic Corrosion Protection Dewatering Systems Low flow irrigation VIDEO: Deep Well being developed using air surge method… Read More

We service all types of water wells in Charleston, SC.  Downtown Charleston, James Island, West Ashley and parts of Johns Island are all within City Limits, and we are happy to service these areas.    2016-business-license-well-drilling-charleston-sc… Read More

We will be displaying all of our business licenses for the areas we work.  This will be where we display them, instead of the wall of our shop, (where no one but the spiders can see them)…    2016-business-license-well-drilling-Meggett-SC… Read More

Believe it or not, I still come across folks who believe in and actually pay to have their property “water witched”…or dowsing, as it is also referred to. I want to believe! But I have seen no credible evidence that this “method” of finding water actually works. It makes for great conversation at the company… Read More

These days, drilling a water well, no matter how small or large, is an opportunity to our company, not just another job to get paid for. We have always drilled down to the marl layer looking for the best layer to set a screen and gravel pack. The Lowcountry marl layer is pretty consistent at… Read More