A new age of Geothermal is on the horizon, and it’s called Direct Exchange Geothermal. My issues with standard Water to Air Geothermal is the mess and the cost.  This newer technology allows for cleaner, less invasive, longer lasting installs.  The biggest advantage is that it costs less per ton. We are now certified to… Read More

Looking for guidance on your home’s new water well?  Here is a link to a PDF copy of Water Well Owners Manual.  This information is written by a third party and has GENERAL information from a nationwide perspective.  It is the most well written information, about water wells and safe drinking water practices, currently available.… Read More

deep well edisto island sc

Drilling a Deep Water Well on Edisto Island is needed at times to get away from unreliable shallow wells… Watch this short video showing 300+ GPM blowing out of a 4″ PVC cased 560′ Deep Well. Developing a Deep Well… Read More