How do you know whether to drill a deep well or a shallow well?  This is a very popular question in the Lowcountry.  The correct answer is sometimes both!  I honestly do not say that to promote more business, but rather it is the truth.

A lot of times young people start out their adult life with a shallow well to save money.  A shallow well sometimes will give great water for a very long time.  Although generally not as good as a deep well, a shallow well is economical.  Once the young person has moved on to better financial ground, a deep well will be a good long term solution.  The old shallow well can then be used for car washing and filling swimming pools or watering the lawn.  Not every area has shallow water available.  Also the quality may be so unpleasant that even with treatment, a deep well would have been better.  Every situation is different.  Be sure your driller can drill both types of wells or the opinion you get may be slanted to meet their $needs$…

Our company will take the time to look at your property, at no charge, and let you know which well is best.  We want to be the company that Generations of your family call on for dependable water services.

Jody Anderson
Owner of J.P. Anderson Well & Pump LLC