We have been drilling shallow wells and deep wells on Edisto for a long time.  I mostly drill shallow wells due to the quality of the deep well water.  Deep wells are only needed when the shallow well becomes dry or has substandard quality such as saltwater intrusion.

Dry wells are not that common on Edisto.  It usually indicates the well was constructed too shallow.  A lot of older wells may be very shallow, in an attempt to obtain better quality.  Most of these theories have been disproven, although I personally experienced very shallow wells that did have very good quality.  Most of those, unfortunately have gone dry or became contaminated with high levels of salt or iron.

The deeper shallow wells are the prevailing type of construction.  I have constructed many of these wells in the last 20 years.  Most of the deeper wells are 45′ to 65′ with a few shallower and a few deeper.  I know Edisto literally lot by lot, almost throughout the entire Island, the depths needed, the geology, and the flows we usually obtain, and also what kind of quality to expect.

We have saved people a lot of money when they move to Edisto and need a well.  We give them the advice they need to make good decisions about their water.  We also install and service all types of water treatment, such as small undersink Reverse Osmosis to large whole house RO units.

So whether you are on the beach trying to enjoy your retirement or just setting up a second home on the Island, give us a call.  You will be glad you did.

Jody Anderson/owner