This is probably the most asked question our company gets.  How to get a well permit for a residential or irrigation well?  The first step is to decide which drilling firm you want to use.    Hopefully that choice was clear – J.P. Anderson Well & Pump LLC.  The permit office is located in Columbia SC.  They do not allow permits to be pulled at the local office.  This allows them to track all of the wells in the state.

Second would be to decide if this is used for residential drinking water (potable) use or irrigation (non-potable).  The fee for a residential well permit is $70.  The fee for an irrigation well is $50.  The extra $20 for a residential well permit is for a bacteria test.  This test is based on the homeowner getting the test bottle from DHEC and pulling the sample, and then taking it to the local DHEC EQC lab.  I will also soon have a blog on how to properly pull a water sample.  I may also soon do a short YouTube video on how to do this also.

Third in the process is to have your well driller fill out the NOI and submit it with his drillers licence number on it.  He most likely has an account at DHEC.  This allows him to pull the permit in a timely manner.  Within 48 hours of filing the NOI form, a SCW number will be generated and sent in a formal letter from DHEC.  This is the form you will most likely need to process your local permit such as building permits, septic permit, or mobile home moving permit.  This is usually required by these local offices because they know that for any lot to be developed properly, water must be available.

The nice folks who work down at the Columbia DHEC office are usually kind enough to fax or email that letter to the driller, because they are aware that time is of the essence in a lot of these cases.  Be sure to let your driller know that you are in a hurry to receive that letter, if you need it to secure other permits.  He most likely also may get it faxed or emailed.  Also leave your email address or fax number so that, not just the NOI but also the follow up paperwork may be delivered with ease.

Our company is making every effort to make the permit process easy for you the customer.  We look forward to helping you pull your next permit!


Jody Anderson/owner

J.P. Anderson Well & Pump LLC