Yes, we hear that a lot.  Everyone would like us to “Swear on our Grandfather’s Grave” that we will get them more water than they can ever use.  This would be wonderful if we could always achieve it, but there are many times where it is just not possible to get lots of quantity or… Read More

Here at J.P. Anderson Well & Pump LLC, we install all types of pumps.  In the old days it was very simple.  The only differences were manufacturer brand, and size.  Today it is Centrifugal, Submersible or some type of positive displacement pump.  Mostly for larger applications such as farm or pond supply, it is submersible… Read More

We have been drilling shallow wells and deep wells on Edisto for a long time.  I mostly drill shallow wells due to the quality of the deep well water.  Deep wells are only needed when the shallow well becomes dry or has substandard quality such as saltwater intrusion. Dry wells are not that common on… Read More