Iron Removal Systems J.P. ANDERSON WELL & PUMP LLC 843-889-8675… A compete guide to iron removal methods, Iron Conditioning equipment & their limitations. By Scott Harmon From the April 2003 edition of Water Technology magazine. Iron can often be detected visibly in water or by staining on plumbing fixtures.  Iron conditioning is used to make the water taste… Read More

We get asked all the time why we have an old fashioned pitcher pump on the side of our truck.  All I say is that it is “a good looking diagnostic tool”. We get calls almost every week where someone says, ” I have worked on this well and even replaced the pump, and I… Read More

Iron is a mineral that is the biggest complaint in the shallow wells.  Iron is one of the most common elements on earth.  It is found almost everywhere around the globe.  It is in the layers of Geology in varying quantities and is dissolved as water passes through the ground.  It initially looks clear when the… Read More