At J.P. Anderson Well & Pump, we are all about Intelligent Installation. We like for our water treatment systems to not only be neat, but have a more efficient design. We try to save space and make room for service personnel to work…… Read More

We recently upgraded the Charleston Tea Plantation’s Reverse Osmosis system to accommodate the increased traffic their business has attracted. The RO system had to be customized for space requirements but yet still satisfy the increased water demand. They use this water to make their tea available for free sampling. Above is a cabinet style water… Read More

Here is another Reverse Osmosis with Calcium injection and ozonation…this family lives on Edisto and had been told that a 30 ft shallow well was their only option and that a deep well was unusable…I was delighted, to again, prove that theory wrong! Thanks Jody Anderson… Read More

We have been drilling shallow wells and deep wells on Edisto for a long time.  I mostly drill shallow wells due to the quality of the deep well water.  Deep wells are only needed when the shallow well becomes dry or has substandard quality such as saltwater intrusion. Dry wells are not that common on… Read More

We get asked all the time why we have an old fashioned pitcher pump on the side of our truck.  All I say is that it is “a good looking diagnostic tool”. We get calls almost every week where someone says, ” I have worked on this well and even replaced the pump, and I… Read More