This is for a pressurized oxidation system for a shallow well…we did not install all of this equipment originally, but rather modified it with our custom booster system which supercharges a standard water conditioner…the original installation utilized an electric air compressor that ran with the pump, but did not enhance the pressure. The max… Read More

We get asked all the time why we have an old fashioned pitcher pump on the side of our truck.  All I say is that it is “a good looking diagnostic tool”. We get calls almost every week where someone says, ” I have worked on this well and even replaced the pump, and I… Read More

How do you know whether to drill a deep well or a shallow well?  This is a very popular question in the Lowcountry.  The correct answer is sometimes both!  I honestly do not say that to promote more business, but rather it is the truth. A lot of times young people start out their adult… Read More